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Weekly Tech Tip

Higher octane fuel doesn't mean longer lasting fuel!
Whenever someone comes into the store and states that their motorcycle wont start, the first question we will ask is "When was the last time it ran?". If the customers answer is over a month the our second question is "Did you treat your fuel?". One of the surprising answers that I get is no they did not use stabilizer but they did use high octane gas.
   On most pumps it doesn't matter which grade of fuel you choose, it all contains 10% ethanol. The ethanol contents in the fuel you are buying is displayed on the pump. Its the ethanol in the fuel and not the octane that cause your carburetor to gum up. The only exception the might relate to octane and safe fuel storage is VP race fuel. These fuels are high octane and do not contain ethanol. This means VP fuel can safely be stored in your motorcycle for up to a year without effecting the runnability of your engine.